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 Hustling CD Volume 1 Hustling The key To Success Hustling – The Key to Success is the first volume I released. The CD Series consist of multiple volumes that give instructional information on Building Wealth…Discover:

  • How to raise thousands or millions that never have to be repaid and use the money for any business you choose.
  • The Key Success Principles for Wealth Building that work for every millionaire and will work for you!
  • How to Start Building Your Wealth with Little or No Money.
  • Strategies to Cut Your Taxes and even pay close to zero taxes.
  • Profit and Cash Flow Production that will increase your monthly cash flow.
  • The benefits of having your own Corporation and how you protect all of your assets and personal money from lawsuits.
  • Raising Money for your Corporation and the techniques you can use to raise money in the public
  • Additional Key Wealth Building Tips
 Legal Hustling Volume 2

On this Audio Legal Hustling, it shares my experience hustling and will shows the YOU how to build a fortune Hustling Legal. 


  • How to Build Multiple Incomes Streams Part Time or Full Time in very little time.
  • The Character YOU Need to Have to Build Your Wealth Empire.
  • 5 Different Legal Hustles to Build Your Wealth With Little or No Investment.
  • Advanced Strategies for Wealth Planning and Goal Setting that Make Reaching Your Goals Easier.
  • Why Professionalism is Essential and when to use it for best results.
  • Additional Key Wealth Building Tips
    57 Minute CD Recording
 HustlingVol3art copy On this Audio, Finance 101 for Hustling, I give the listener key information on how to get money, keep money, and grow money FAST and Quickly to build a Fortune starting with Little or NO MONEY!.Discover:

  • The Secret That Self-made Millionaires use to Build Wealth and how you can use this powerful method to change your results in life 10 times more.
  • The 5 Step Formula for Building Wealth and how you can use each step right away to get money!
  • How to Find and Use Mentors to Build Your Fortune and take advantage of their Time and MONEY to build your wealth faster.
  • How To Raise Thousands or Millions That Never Have to be Repaid and do it 100% Legally.
  • Where to find extra money to Finance your Fortune (Buried Treasure). Outline Steps that will put extra MONEY in your Pocket TODAY!
  • Additional Key Wealth Building Tips that are note easy to find but easy for you to use.
 Hustling State Of Mind Hustling State of Mind Volume 4

Release Date Coming Soon

HustlingVol5art copy Hustling on The Internet Volume 5

Release Date Coming Soon




Allen Brown

Allen Brown is the founder and C.E.O of True Executives. As a young entrepreneur, he has developed the skills, knowledge and wisdom to be successful in business. He consults with countless business professionals, including multi millionaires from time to time. His insight on life and business is based on almost seventeen years of experience.

With more than 40 websites and several off line businesses, Allen’s focus behind his Company is to present products to the urban market that deliver simple and practical steps for building wealth.

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